James Fink

(239) 221-6685

My Family moved to Cape Coral Florida in 1982 and I've had a passion for real estate all my life. I grew up in a real estate family. My father was an investor and property manager, while my mother was a broker with a large team of realtors she trained and managed for decades. I learned a lot about buying, selling and managing homes from my parents.

I started my real estate career in Florida over 25 years ago. I've been buying, selling and managing properties all this time. I'm a full-time realtor and most of the rental properties I manage are those I have helped my investors find and purchase.

My wife Kim and I live on the southwest coast of Florida in Cape Coral. The Angler’s Coast! Kim grew up on Pine Island, just off the coast of the Cape. We love fishing and spend the majority of our free time on the water. We live on a canal with our boat right behind the house, so we can go hit the water any time.   

I’m the President of the Southwest Florida Fishing Club and Kim is the Director of Communications. Our club holds monthly seminar meetings and several fishing tournaments throughout the year for our 200+ members. We also have raft ups with our members bringing their boats out to a local beach for a cookout.

We live the Southwest Florida lifestyle and love it! Helping our clients move here and invest here is what it’s all about. If you are looking for a home in our area, we’d be glad to help. Even if you’re just curious about the area and want to chat about it, give me a call.